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We believe in the power of financial planning as a process that continuously adjusts to the life events of our clients, and that our best work is accomplished for clients on an ongoing basis when they simultaneously engage us to fulfill their investment and tax strategies.

We call this integration of financial planning, investment management, and tax planning & preparation Financial Life Management, and charge one flat annual fee for this service.



Flat annual fee, prorated and paid monthly or quarterly.

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Financial Life Management

What’s Included

Financial Planning

A Liberating Framework

Peace of mind knowing someone is working to ensure your financial life is fully optimized, providing the clarity needed to make financial life decisions, and empowering you to spend your time on what really matters.

Truly Comprehensive

There’s more to planning than just software-generated projections.  Together we’ll review and optimize each aspect of your finances, including your initial plan and goal setting, navigating major life transitions, managing cash flow, estate & tax planning strategies, choosing the right insurance, and beyond.

Proactive Support & Regular Touch Points

We’ll check-in at regularly scheduled intervals and as life changes to review your plan together. Objective, straight-forward advice for all of your financial questions is just an email or call away.

Investment Management

Personalized Portfolios

We design investment portfolios tailored to you, your specific goals, and risk tolerance using institutional class mutual funds, exchange traded funds and fixed income securities..

Intelligent Rebalancing & Tax Loss Harvesting

We monitor accounts daily to ensure they adhere to your target allocation, factoring transaction costs, diversification, and tax outcomes into all rebalancing decisions. We also harvest tax losses in market declines to save you money on your tax return while staying invested in the market.

Passive, Evidence-Based Approach

We’re not in the business of trying to pick individual stocks, time the market or outperform a specific industry index, which academic research has consistently shown to fail over the long-term and increase costs.

Instead, we design portfolios using factor-based securities such as those created by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). Rather than trying to outguess the markets, we’re focused on delivering exposure to factors of higher expected returns consistently, providing an evidence-based investment experience that goes beyond simple indexing.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Fully Integrated

We take a tax-focused approach to both financial planning and investment management, and will help you ensure you’re up to speed on recent changes to the tax code and making the best possible tax moves before you file returns each year.  We’re also fully aware of your tax situation, reducing the time you’d otherwise spend coordinating between multiple professionals.

Annual Return Preparation & Filing

Preparation and e-filing your federal (1040) and primary state returns is included as part of our Financial Life Management service, so you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your schedule or wondering whether you’re taking full advantage of all available deductions, credits, and opportunities.  We can easily handle additional return complexity (such as business income, multiple state returns, etc.) though this may be subject to an additional fee.

Proactive Tax Planning

If there’s a tax move we think you should make before the end of the year, we’ll let you know!   No more worrying whether you should be updating your withholding or estimated payments, considering a Roth conversion, or a certain withdrawal strategy.  With proper planning, tax season should be free of surprises.

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